Jen Letherer, MFA


photo credit: Kimberlee Poole

photo credit: Kimberlee Poole

Hi there. I’m Jen.

I love stories. And I believe that stories should tell us the way things really are, and the way things ought to be. I’ve been changed by stories I’ve heard and stories I’ve told. Stories are how we understand the world. They’re also how we speak to the people around us.

So I spend a lot of time writing, directing, performing, speaking, and teaching. All of those things are ways I tell stories.

This website is designed to give you access to some things I’ve been working on. Check out the other pages to see photos, read descriptions, and find links to some of my major projects.

I was raised in Hillsdale County, Michigan, and still live on a family farm near Hudson with a few animals, a big garden, an LCD projector and a lot of books. I’m also the substitute organist and leading sarcastic congregant of the Hudson Wesleyan Church.

My  film blog is

Thanks for visiting. If you have questions or wish to contact me, direct emails to




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