Remote Virtue:  A Christian Guide to Intentional Media Viewing


Visual Literacy is essential because viewer discretion is always advised. We all know that the moving images we see in films and television programs impact us. So why have we not developed the tools to help us understand the effects of moving images? Like the ingredients label on a food package, the structure and form of a moving image narrative can be “read” to help understand what’s really going on in the media we’re intaking. As more informed viewers, we can then become more virtuous, using discretion in how we control our relationship with films and TV. Remote Virtue is a “how to” for becoming an informed viewer, with discussions of media convergence, Christian film criticism, redemptive narratives, and the truth in the moving image as well as some contemporary films and programs.

Learn more or purchase copies at Praeger Publishing or Amazon.com.


 I never stop talking about movies. Check out my film blog, Aptmetaphor.



On the veranda at Andalusia

On the veranda at Andalusia

In January 2015 I wrote a blog post for Andalusia, the Home of Flannery O’Connor‘s blog. You can read the post, entitled “Affinity and Empathy” here.



The New Female Archetypes: Rethinking women’s roles in groups JenCover_01 copythrough television.

Traditional depictions of women in media have designated only two archetypes: the goddess (think princess) and the temptress (think femme fatale). But shows like The Golden Girls, Designing Women, The Facts of Life, and Sex and the City have groups of four women with other distinct roles. Maybe what these shows display is a natural tendency toward different roles that women fill as they function in working groups. The archetypes exist on TV, and they may also appear in our own lives. Are we Leaders, like Dorothy or Julia; Sarcastic Seconds, like Miranda or Natalie; Innocents, like Tootie and Charlene; or Flirts, like Samantha and Blanche?

This print on demand volume was published in July 2014.

Copies can be purchased here. Or by searching for The New Female Archetypes on Amazon.com.


This work is a play, in progress. I had a collection of monologues I’ve written for it read at this year’s Festival of New Work in April 2014.1525303_1435800183326365_1601032157_n

Select the links below to read three of the monologues presented.

Confessions Joyce’s monologue

Ron’s Monologue

Sheryl’s monologue


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